Shibarikyū-Park in KMLZ Chancellery, Munich


Photo by Iris Rose

Annika Schoemann and Uwe Jonas in front of their collaborative project from 2018 in the cafeteria of the Munich based tax consultancy KMLZ. The illuminated structure entitled Shibarikyū-Park was developed in cooperation with the employees of the office in a participatory process from 2016 to 2018. In the following photo sequences, views of the illuminated object are shown, as well as some detail photos from the city park in Tokyo.

This project was made possible on behalf of KMLZ and Dr. Stefan Maunz, with sincere thanks to Iris Rose.

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Dr Annika Schoemann is a freelance art historian and curator. She founded the Forum Wunderkammaa in 2020 in collaboration with the artist Asta von Unger as an analogue and digital platform for art, design, crafts and science. This "Future Workshop" asks: how do we want to live tomorrow? The program includes studio- and workshop visits, interviews, workshops, talks, podcasts, short films, analogue and digital exhibitions, performances and fairs. Wunderkammaa wants to enchant, stimulate the imagination, engender new ideas.

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Illuminated structure, title: Shibarikyū-Park, dimensions: 114 x 200 cm, 3 light elements made of bright steel boxes with illuminated images, internal LED technology and dimmable ballast, 4 stone slabs made of Rauris Marble in coordinated surface faktures, mounted on 2 heavy-duty rails with 20 special dowels attached to the double-shell drywall of the cafeteria.

Shibarikyū Park is an Edo Period Park in the Minato district of Tokyo. The photos were taken on Thursday 15th September 2016 with a Minolta Coolpix 4300.