Outset of Stone formations

As a result of the Floor drawings and during the preparation of the exhibition La Petite Eglise for the Church of the Ascension in Munich Sendling, spatial structures made of paving-stone cubes have been developed.The cubes each have two parallel sawn sides, as well as two fractured and two split sides that define width, height and depth.

In the following, simple geometric stone formations are modeled on reinforcement steel mesh. In process, the grids appear as visually active co-partners to the stones.

The antagonism of closed stone formations towards open formations with break-throughs to the white color of the background leads as a consequence to the Pole-series. The formations of the stone structures are subsequently shaped as Squares, as well as Rings and Circles.

The Squares are experimental fields for surface phenomena of the stone. Fine graduations of shades are particularly characteristic for the series of Thin ground sections, which represent the process of micro-processing of surface by abrasive proceedings and their related color dynamics.